Now that Season 5 Chapter 1 is live, we have a brand new map on which to play Fortnite.

As compared to the map leaked by the NSA last month, this new leak ahead of today’s launch is very different. Almost half of the map has been covered in snow just in time for the winter.

The Fortnite source HYPEX published the first image without any Points Of Interest on it. However, you can see that the image above shows all the key locations. now.

The map has been reduced in size compared to last season. This should allow us to concentrate battles on smaller areas.

The Item Shop will also include Solid Snake, from Metal Gear Solid, and Peter Griffin, from Family Guy. But both of these characters have not yet been released.

Fortnite Solid Snake Peter Griffin Unlocking

Solid Snake hasn’t been released yet. You’ll have to wait until the end January to get to play one of gaming’s most stealthy characters. Fortnite’s wait is going to be a long one, with a date of January 23rd.

Griffin, on the other hand, can be acquired immediately. However, you’ll need to upgrade your Battle Pass up to Level 70 in order to unlock this skin. Of course, you can pay to unlock levels earlier if that’s what you want. The Battle Pass also includes other Family Guy-related items, such as:

  • Pinata Brian Back Bling
  • Scratcher Pickaxe
  • Wacky Wavers Contrail

How to Gold-Plate Peter Griffin in Fortnite

It is possible to collect a gold-colored version of Peter Griffin by completing Battle Pass. To unlock the bonus, you will also need an additional 130 Stars.

By Manali

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