Palworld is an adventurous game where you can raise, befriend, and battle with various creatures known as Pals. However, adventuring and battling can sometimes result in your Pals sustaining major injuries. This guide will provide you with the essential steps and strategies to cure major injuries in Palworld, ensuring your Pals stay in peak condition.

Understanding Major Injuries in Palworld

In Palworld, a major injury can significantly impact your Pal’s performance, reducing their abilities and making them vulnerable in battles. These injuries can occur during intense battles or through harsh environmental conditions. Recognizing and treating these injuries promptly is crucial to maintain your Pal’s health and effectiveness.

How to Cure Major Injuries

  1. Use Healing Items The quickest way to cure major injuries is by using specific healing items. Here’s a list of items that can help:
    • Healing Potions: Available at most in-game shops for 50 gold coins, these potions can instantly heal a major portion of your Pal’s health.
    • Revival Herbs: These rare herbs, found in the Mystic Forest, not only cure injuries but also restore energy, making them ideal for severely injured Pals.
    • Healing Stations: Located in various safe zones such as the Healing Sanctuary in Crystal City, these stations provide comprehensive healing for all types of injuries.
  2. Visit Healing Facilities Healing facilities, often found in major cities or near battle zones, offer advanced healing services. For example, the Grand Healing Center in Palville is equipped with professional healers and advanced medical equipment, ensuring complete recovery for your Pal.
  3. Rest and Recuperation Allowing your Pal to rest is another effective way to heal major injuries. Set up camp in a safe area, like the Serene Meadows, and let your Pal rest for a while. This method might take longer but is essential for the natural recovery process.
  4. Use Special Abilities Some Pals possess unique healing abilities that can cure themselves or other Pals. For instance, the Pal known as Healaris has a special skill called “Regeneration” that can be used strategically to maintain your team’s health during extended battles.

Preventing Major Injuries

  1. Regular Health Checks Perform regular health checks on your Pals to detect early signs of injuries or fatigue. This proactive approach helps in preventing minor issues from escalating into major injuries. Use the Health Monitor device available at the Pal Shop.
  2. Equip Protective Gear Ensure your Pals are equipped with appropriate protective gear before heading into battles. For example, the Guardian Shield reduces damage by 20% and can be purchased at the Armor Emporium in Stone City.
  3. Strategic Battling Avoid unnecessary risks in battles by employing strategic approaches. Know your Pals’ strengths and weaknesses and plan your moves accordingly. Use the Battle Planner tool to design effective strategies.
  4. Use Buffs and Shields Buffs and shields can provide additional protection to your Pals during battles. These temporary enhancements, like the Barrier Orb, can prevent injuries by absorbing damage or increasing your Pals’ resilience.

Expert Tips for Keeping Your Pals Healthy

  • Balanced Diet: Provide a balanced diet to your Pals to keep them strong and healthy. Nutritional supplements, such as Power Pellets, can also enhance their overall well-being.
  • Regular Training: Engage your Pals in regular training sessions to build their strength and endurance. The Training Grounds in Valor Valley are perfect for this purpose.
  • Stress Management: Keep your Pals’ stress levels low by ensuring they have adequate rest and relaxation. Happy and stress-free Pals are less likely to get injured. Use relaxation items like the Serenity Stone to help manage stress.


Curing and preventing major injuries in Palworld is essential for maintaining your Pals’ health and performance. By using healing items, visiting facilities, allowing rest, and employing preventive measures, you can ensure your Pals remain in top condition. Follow these guidelines to keep your Pals healthy and ready for any adventure.

By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to handle major injuries in Palworld, ensuring your Pals stay healthy and strong throughout your adventures.

By Manali

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