In Palworld, your Pals can endure a lot, but like all living beings, they can get hurt. To delve into the survival aspects of Palworld, your Pals can suffer from various status effects, including Weakened, Poisoned, and the debilitating Major Injury.

Understanding Major Injury

Major Injury can occur at any time, especially when weakening Pals for capture. As their health dwindles, they may be afflicted with Major Injury. To alleviate this, simply return the Pal to its Pal Sphere. Alternatively, if you’re at a base, letting them rest will swiftly restore their health. Ensure your Pal Box is upgraded sufficiently to accommodate your Pals.

Treatment Options

You might assume a Medicine Table could solve this issue, but currently, there’s no recipe for curing Major Injury. As Palworld is in early access, future updates may introduce such a remedy. For now, returning Pals to their Pal Sphere or letting them rest are the most effective methods.

Effects of Major Injury

Pals with Major Injury are unable to fight or work, impacting their productivity. Even negative buffs can reduce their effectiveness, emphasizing the importance of rest for all Pals, injured or not.


Major Injury can hinder your Pals’ abilities and productivity. While there’s no immediate remedy, returning them to their Pal Sphere or allowing them to rest are effective measures. As Palworld evolves, stay updated for new remedies and continue to care for your Pals’ well-being.

By Manali

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